Ms. Novitovic

Ms. Emilija Novitovic is currently a Special Education teacher at Clinton.  She received a Master’s Degree in Reading and Learning Disabilities from DePaul University, a Master’s Degree in Education Leadership and is currently pursuing National Board Certification.  As an undergraduate student, she attended the University of Illinois where she received a degree in English and German Literature.  As part of the German program, she spent a year studying at The University of Vienna in Austria.

Ms. Novitovic is a firm believer that children’s abilities and learning styles are as unique as their personalities.  There are many successful brilliant people with “learning disabilities” who have made important contributions to our world – Albert Einstein, to name just one.  Just as we embrace racial and cultural diversity as an asset, we need to embrace the value of diverse minds and thinkers.  Soon she believes the term will change from “learning disabled” to “learning differently!”

She believes each and every Clinton student is an absolute joy.  Every day she is impressed by their insights, abilities and talents.  Ms. Novitovic believes Clinton School provides a challenging, stimulating and supportive environment for every student.  It is a place where she feels students who receive special education services can thrive and reach their potential.

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