Ms. Huibregtse

Ms. Rachel Huibregtse has been teaching at Clinton Elementary for ten years.  She has taught kindergarten for many years, fourth grade, and ESL before joining the sixth grade team.

Ms. Huibregtse graduated from Northwestern College in Iowa with a double major in Elementary Education and Spanish.  She received a Masters of Arts in Reading from Northeastern Illinois University and in 2008 achieved National Board Certification.  In addition, Ms. Huibregtse has endorsements in English as a Second Language for Elementary and Middle grades.

Ms. Huibregtse loves reading and loves books!  Independent Reading is a focus in her classroom.  “The more you read, the better you get.  The better you get, the more you read.”  She is not sure who to credit this quote to, but it guides her planning and instruction.  A good book allows students to learn about new places, ideas, and about themselves.

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