Mrs. Alfafara

Mrs. Paige Alfafara has been at Clinton School for four years.  She has been an Early Childhood teacher for the past ten years.  In her ten years of teaching she has had the pleasure of working with many students of different ages and developmental abilities.  She has worked with toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, gifted children and children with special needs.  Mrs. Alfafara takes pride in meeting the individual needs of her students as she develops curriculum that helps them strive to self-achievement.  She also takes pride in working together with parents to help the child grow to their fullest potential.

Clinton’s preschool classroom is a mix of ages and genders because children learn not only from us, but from each other as well.  We have found that mixing ages and genders provide the best growth for most children.  In Mrs. Alfafara’s classroom an observer may see students learning: to respect the rights of others, to listen as well as speak, to grow in self-control, to grow from dependence to independence, to develop good working habits, to develop new interests and extend old ones, to understand new words and be able to use them, to love learning and to be HAPPY!

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