Ms. Bloxsom

Ms. Wendie Bloxsom is the middle school Visual Arts educator at DeWitt Clinton. She has been a visual artist and designer in Chicago for over a decade.  She attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, ultimately graduating with a BFA from Columbia College Chicago. Throughout her professional and educational experiences, she has had the opportunity to exhibit her artistic skills in fine arts, retail, theater, interior design, and special events. While she has accomplished a wide assortment of creative objectives, her personal and professional dedication to the arts has kept her perpetually enthusiastic to improve on the depth and breadth of her skills.  Recently she received her MAT in Art Education from Columbia College Chicago, and intends to inspire the young minds of Clinton with her own passions and experiences for the visual arts.

Ms. Bloxsom feels that the arts are important not only for our community and culture, but also provide another opportunity for students to construct authentic critical problem solving and grow personal reflection. In her classroom, students will be exposed to authentic art materials and the art world from past to the present. Students will begin to gain empowerment through experimentation, develop knowledge of the art world, and refine their artistic techniques. It is her hope that in her classroom, students will begin to feel confident enough to express themselves as visionaries and inspire new thinking for the 21st century.

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