Clinton Wins Learnstorm Cup!

Over the past months, Clinton students have been practicing and refining their skills using LearnStorm, an online program from Khan Academy. Our students, along with many other CPS schools across the city, were in competition to earn the most mastery and hustle points. After all the points were tallied, Clinton came out on top and won the cup!

An individual Clinton student, Maryam Tairi, was also recognized as earning the most points for all students involved. Maryam was presented with a brand new Chromebook as an award for her achievement and the school received three new tablets to use for instruction.

A big thanks to LearnStorm, Khan Academy, Network Two Chief Phil Salemi, and most importantly our teachers and students for their hard work to win these awards!

Students: There’s still time to get your name on the leaderboard for the next competition. Keep logging onto LearnStorm and working until April 5th when the next winners will be announced. Talk to your teachers if you need help getting on!

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